Stomatitis in Cats And Its Treatment With Special Solutions

Treatment for stomatitis in cats means addressing the factors that cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. The main method of treatment of feline stomatitis - rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions. To treat stomatitis in cats using these solutions: little pink solution of potassium permanganate, 1-5% solution protargola, 0.02-0.05% solution furatsilina 0.05% solution of chlorhexidine, 2-5% th Collargol, 0.2-0.5% th zinc sulfate, 0.25-0.5% th copper sulfate, 0.1-0.2% ethacridine lactate th 1-2 th% resorcinol , 0.25-0.5% th lead acetate, 0.01-0.1% th novoimanina 0.5-1% th aluminum alum, 1-2 th% tannin or sodium bicarbonate. Also, in order to treat stomatitis in cats for the oral treatment is recommended to use alcohol tincture of calendula (1:10) yodglitserinovuyu mixture (1: 3), a decoction of the rhizomes burnet, oak bark (1: 5), infusion of sage leaves (1:10) , decoction of chamomile flowers, wild cherry, blueberry, chokeberry. For drugs for the treatment of feline stomatitis is a gel "Metragil dent" and "Vagothyl."

Treatment in cats include stomatitis and mucosal healing, which can use oil of sea buckthorn and wild rose. In the treatment of stomatitis in cats papillomatous and gangrenous forms prescribed injections of painkillers, such as novocaine. Treatment of stomatitis in cats can be performed and antibiotics, depending on the severity of the disease.