Gangrenous form of stomatitis

Gangrenous form of stomatitis is very dangerous, it is associated with severe lesions of the oral cavity pet. Strong gangrenous lesions and non-healing sores of the mouth often accompany serious immune disorders and leukemia.

Symptoms of gangrenous stomatitis may be:

  • severe damage tissues and mucous membranes, ulcers on the tongue, gums and cheeks are larger in diameter, may be purulent "edging";
  • salivating at the background of the lack of appetite;
  • swelling of the lips and cheeks;
  • strong and bad breath;
  • swollen lymph nodes under the jaw.

All of these symptoms occur against the backdrop of severe general condition. Without concomitant treatment stomatitis can take a chronic form, and then no treatment will not be able to completely rid the cat of the disease.

Some breeds of cats have a genetic predisposition to diseases of the oral cavity. In particular, gingivostomatitis - inflammation of the gums along with mucosal inflammation. He is more prone to breed Maine Coon, the Sphinx, British and Scots.