Treatment For Stomatitis In Cats

Feeding cat with stomatitis

For feeding a sick animal should be given soft food and clean water, so as not to provoke irritation. You should definitely transfer the sick animal to liquid ration - this will contribute to more rapid recovery. From a dry feed for the time necessary to refuse. Feed your cat beef or chicken broth, pureed soups, milk, cereals. If the animal refuses to eat on their own, it is neat, with a small syringe, being careful not to hurt your pet, such pouring liquid over his mouth. Do this gently so the animal is not bogged down, and you do not injure the mucous membranes. In the same way necessary to give the animal to drink, because dehydration can complicate the healing process.

Disinfection of cat's mouth with stomatitis

After feeding the animal's mouth should be treated with a solution furatsilina (1/5000). Also, the cleaning and disinfecting agent may be a solution of baking soda solution rivanola (1/1000), a solution of boric acid.

You also need to use anti-inflammatory solutions. Suitable decoction of chamomile, sage, and oak bark series.

After treatment, these drugs in the presence of ulcers in the mouth, or apply Lugol Dentavedin. These preparations are applied directly to the ulcer.

Receiving antibiotics

Most often, for the treatment of stomatitis in cats using antibiotics (erythromycin, oxytetracycline), which are used in the inflammation, especially with respect to ulcerative and gangrenous stomatitis.


To maintain the immunity of the animal and the body so that it can independently deal with the disease, it is recommended to give an additional animal vitamins.