Feline Stomatitis in Cats - What Is Stomatitis

In cats frequently occurs disease of mouth, teeth, gums.

Gingivitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cat's gums.

Stomatitis - inflammation of the entire oral mucosa, posterior pharyngeal wall damage in the area of the upper and lower jaw.

Symptoms stomatitis cats are the same as in humans. Inflamed mucous membrane in the mouth, accompanied by pain. Outwardly, the animal disease manifests itself in the form of anxiety, refusal of food from the mouth begins to appear frothy saliva. The cat may sneeze, rub a muzzle on his chest, clearly showing that it is something bothering. Looking into the mouth of the cat, you can see the swelling of the mucous.

Video About Feline Stomatitis


Canker sores in animals are classified according to several criteria.

By the nature of the disease:
  • acute stomatitis
  • chronic
For reasons of origin:
  • primary
  • secondary.

Due to differences in the inflammatory processes are distinguished stomatitis:
  • catarrhal
  • papillomatoznyh
  • vesicular
  • phlegmonous
  • gangrenous
  • ulcerative.

By the nature of localization:
  • focal
  • diffuse

With such a variety of varieties of stomatitis can handle only a veterinarian.